Sure, some people think being an adult performer and creator is “easy money”. But actually — it can be really difficult.

The time constraints, the demands on our bodies, and mental stress… It can get pretty tough sometimes.

There are tons of resources out there promising to be the next cookie cutter strategy to help adult models make a better living (both personally and financially).

But with things changing all the time — like platforms altering their rules (or not!), different trends in where audiences go for content, and new regulations… It’s harder than ever to grow and keep a consistent income in this business.

So which tips work best for your particular situation?

  • Which social media platforms should you invest your precious time into to meet your goals?
  • How do you improve your time management so you’re not spending all your working days responding to messages from fans?
  • Should you respond to all your fans or just your paying fans?
  • What niches should you pursue to grow your subscriber base (without alienating your current paid subs)?
  • How should you manage your expenses (so you can keep more of your hard-earned money)?

The truth is… Many of these questions will have different answers based on a model’s particular situation, personality, and talents.

For many adult performers, it seems like once they get to a certain income on their own — they hit a wall. That magic number is different for all of us, but it’s like a hump you just can’t climb over by yourself.

In business, that’s when it’s time to expand. To bring people on that will help you grow and manage growth.

The problem with most agencies is that they’re only interested in making money *today*. They don’t typically help you grow your brand or business in a way that positions you for more prosperity *in the future* as well. Things like building an email list or expanding into products.

Ultimate guides, premium tools, and downloads are great for getting you started in the adult industry. But as you grow, you need more personal attention to your particular brand, goals, and situation.

And useful blog posts, as great as they are, become outdated really fast as platforms, audiences, and the competition change rapidly.

So just imagine: What if you had your own personal marketing strategist — committed to helping your business grow and hitting your monthly financial goals?

No obligations. No contracts. And no percentage taken from your earnings.

Whether you make $5,000/month or $30,000/month or more — your simple flat fee for this service would stay the same.

You would get monthly access to a Duke University, UGA, and Cornell-educated marketing strategist with over 20 years of experience providing strategy and marketing services for multi-million dollar startups, small businesses, and corporations.

With FOUR simple, but powerful customized reports that give you a high level 360-degree view of your business, your fans, and your competitors. Every month.

All for one low monthly fee.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, that’s what we’re offering…

Now you can take control of your business, your fans, and your finances.

You’ll be able to say “this is what I want” — and have a certified strategist work with you to lay out a plan that achieves your business goals.

To help you monitor your progress, adjust to changes in the market, and respond to unexpected events (like account bans, platform updates, economic downturns, illness, etc).

What you’ll get…

Remote Strategic Consultation Meeting Every Month

Chat via text or voice to discuss your latest reports, progress, and your next moves with a certified marketing strategist.

Monthly Strategy for DIY

Every month you’ll receive a strategic plan to follow over the next 30+ days, custom made for you — that will help you achieve your goals.

Monthly Data Analysis

We give you an overview of your changes in subscriptions, social media activity, and any other data you give us access to. Then we tell you what the data means, and what you can do about it.

Monthly Competition Report

Get a fast overview of how other models in your niche have been marketing themselves over the past month.

Monthly Market Analysis Report

Are there trends happening in your niche that you aren’t aware of? Not anymore! Keep a pulse on the latest changes affecting your niche so you’re always keeping your audience happy, growing, and coming back for more content.

This offer isn’t for everybody!

We specifically designed these solutions to best fit models that meet the following criteria:

  • Models that want to have a guided plan of action to follow — with no guessing
  • Models that want more time for the things they enjoy doing
  • Models that already bring in a minimum of $5k a month or more

If you make less than $5k/mo… Read this!

If you’re currently just starting out and making less than $5k/mo, we highly suggest you get started with our free resources and premium strategy templates with guides (coming soon!).

All of our free content and premium guided strategy templates are designed to get you to more than $5k/mo in earnings on your own — so that you can become one of our consultation clients and really scale your business up.

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But what does it cost?

You’re probably thinking that having access to monthly reports covering your specific marketing strategy, competitors, audience, and data — plus monthly meetings with a marketing strategist committed to your goals — would cost at least $8,000/mo.

But we wanted this unique and exceptional service to be more accessible to members of the adult performer and content creator community.

So we worked out some systems.

Lowered our overhead.

And we got the cost down to $2,000/mo.

We were ecstatic. We thought we had achieved a miracle.

But Amanda (the boss) wouldn’t have it.

She made us cut the price by 75% until further notice.

And anyone that locks this deal in now, will never have to pay more than 75% of the monthly cost. For as long as they continue to pay from month-to-month.

The team is constantly begging her to raise the price back to $2,000, so who knows when it could go back up…

Oh! And then she made us waive the $700 setup fee… also until further notice.

This means that anyone who gets started today (and is approved) will save $2,200 right off the bat. Plus they’ll pocket another $1,500 in savings every month for as long as they remain current in our no-obligation monthly plan.

To recap: for $2,000/mo $500/mo, you’re getting full access to…

Monthly consultations with a dedicated marketing strategist to help you meet your goals

Monthly strategy reports that will guide you through the best ways to help make your goals a reality throughout every month — and respond to changes in the market in real-time

Monthly data analysis reports that reveal insights into your subscriptions, audience numbers, and other stats that will help you understand what’s working and what isn’t

Monthly competitive analysis that keeps an eye on the top models in your niche — to help you get an edge on the latest marketing tactics and show ideas other models are using to attract your target audience

Monthly market analysis reports that analyze your target audience to pinpoint any new trends or changes happening before your competition

YES! I want to maximize my earning potential!

Only a few spots are available — and they’re filling up fast!

As much as we’d like to help everyone in the adult community, we have very limited seats available for this offer.

Each and every model is given individual attention to their particular goals and strategies. Which takes up a lot of time.

And with us waiving the setup fee, half off the original monthly cost, no percentage of models’ earnings, all with no contracts or obligations — we don’t expect those slots to hold up long after we release the news to our emails subscribers.

Click the link below to go through our screening process.

You’ll only have to fill-in 3 answers to apply.

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